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Advent of the Algorithm

A thought provoking history of the origins and basis for algorithmic thinking

Clean Architecture: A Laravel Perspective

Talk on Clean Architecture to the Utah Laravel Meetup group

Architecture—the Lost Years

Uncle Bob's talk on Clean Architecture to the the Norfolk developers meetup group

Dredd Validation of OpenAPI v3 Arrays

How to force validation of OpenAPI v3 arrays using Dredd

Laravel Validate Path or Query Parameters in Form Requests

How to use Laravel Form Requests to Validate Path (Route) and Query Parameters

Laravel OpenAPI 3 Documentation Verification Using Dredd

How to use setup and use Dredd to verify OpenAPI 3 documentation on a Laravel project

Eloquent Eager Loading Constrained by Pivot

How to use Laravel's Eloquent ORM to constrain eager loading of relations using `with()` and `wherePivot()`

Princeton Algorithms: Part 1, Week 2

Usage and demonstration of the performance and effectiveness of essential data structures, generics, collections, and elementary sorting algorithms

Maintaining Sequential Array Indexing While Removing Random Items

How to efficiently maintain sequential array indexes after removing random items with code and test examples

When to Interface

Guidance on when and where to pragmatically use interfaces