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React for Beginners

A thorough introduction to React and its professional use for production applications

Upcase: Test-Driven Rails

Test-Driven Rails Development using RSpec and Capybara

Software Design by Construx

Notes on the construx course on software design

A Mob of Amateurs vs. Professionals

A Bit of Satire About Mob Programming

Selection Sort

Selection Sort algorithm notes and comparisons to other algorithms

Code Review Techniques: Code Reading

Tips for how to improve the reviews of pull requests and code

Code Complete

A summary of the authoritative work on software construction

A* Algorithm Notes on Amit Patel's Work

Usage, implementations, and alternatives to the A* algorithm

Princeton Algorithms: Part 1, Week 4

Usage and demonstration of the performance and effectiveness of essential data structures, generics, collections, and elementary sorting algorithms

HTTP/2, Network Hacks, and REST API Design

How HTTP/2 changes the API landscape and allows the REST holy grail of HATEOS to be attained