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Clean Architecture - Uncle Bob

Abstract TODO Principles TODO Lessons Preface The architecture rules are the same for all different kinds of apps. Code is still just an assemblage of sequence, selection, and iteration. That is the reason why architecture rules stay the same. Chapter 1: What is Architecture? Architecture is at all levels since the architecture and design of low-level components build up to high-level components. The goal of software architecture is to minimize the developer resources required to build and maintain a system.

The Coaching Habit

Abstract By asking your peers and or subordinates the right questions and listening you gain greater insight and they learn more than if you just talked for the duration or engaged in random social chit chat. The words that you use to formulate questions makes a big difference as does the sequence in which you ask particular questions. Realize that you do not have to answer “yes” to questions and that it is your job to get buyin and more than tacit agreement for anything that you ask of someone - that way you know that you’re on the same page.

Lead Yourself First

Abstract Solitude allows leaders and followers alike to find peace amid great turmoil and strife. It is the way that leaders are created through careful introspection and reflection. It balances one’s emotions, allows for analytical and intuitive clarity, allows for the greatest creativity, and allows one to reconnect and stand firm with their core principles. Principles solitude is the responsibility of the leader regardless of social pressure amidst crisis be unwavering and detached, in private solitude let go of and work through your emotions use exercise to work through difficult problems, figure out what your most important items are, and to allow the intuitive process to work Lessons What is solitude and where do we find it?