Though he was born in Arizona, Andy is essentially an Idaho native having lived there for most of his life except for a few extended periods at various spots around the country.

His vocation and passion is software development and he strives to improve his skills through a regular habit of study, application, writing, and teaching. His preferred mediums of sharing and giving back in this realm are his blog, meetups, coaching, and tech talks at work.

When he’s not working on or learning about software development, you can find Andy annoying his five cats - Maximillian Antonious Xavier X (Max X), Captain Cornelius Catnip, Seargent Pepperjack, Silas, and Fernando Ronaldo Edguardo Del la Vega VI (Fred VI) - running to clear his mind, reading (see the books section of this site), or spending time with family. Sometimes he even deludes himself into tackling home improvement projects with which he’s about as effective at estimating as he is with software.